Trauma Informed Leadership and Revival of a Distressed Business

“The center [Le Centre Artisanal des Femmes] was a hub to a diverse group of students, artists, and teachers of varying ethnicities, abilities, and class backgrounds. Social spaces like these are special and rare. In fact, as we argue in the book, schools may be one of the only spaces we have left where we can experience a convergence of children, families, public servants, municipal leaders, and other community members.”

Theater & Trauma: addressing the wounds of the soul

In the world of an entrepreneurial capitalist
There are peaks and valleys

There are distressed businesses on Main Street
Across all zipcodes

Wall Street favors denominator based management
Where headcount reduction and rightsizing are the norm
Aligning with the expectations of Wall Street

Financial accounting views the world numerically
Ignoring the trauma in a distressed organization
And the depleted emotional bank accounts

In the campaign trail in Washington DC
Corporations are people

Isn’t that somewhat contradictory?

I hear the calling
In America there is an empathy deficit
In America there is an innovation deficit

Yet there is a state of denial
In a world that can’t stop talking

“A great leader not only fosters growth in the individuals that he or she leads but consciously works to leave this world in a better way.”

leadership in a trauma informed organization

Trauma Informed Leadership
Needs a cadre of Artistic Turnaround Managers
To creatively revive a distressed business in Main Street
Using a non-financial lens

Use the social space of the business
In Wall Street and Main Street
Invite people to play, co-create and perform
Experience the convergence of the community in a safe space

Stepping forward into growth
Envisioning new possibilities
Generating hope and optimism

People replenish emotional bank accounts
Corporations [“are people”] shift the Z-score into the non-bankruptcy zone
And increase corporate longevity

In an academic setting
Drama Therapy and Business Administration collaborate
And integrate the analytical and experiential dimensions
To incrementally change the feeling of Wall Street

(This narrative is work in progress)


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